Snap Kit Design Guidelines

Snapchat empowers people to express themselves, live in the moment, learn about the world, and have fun together. This guide will show you how to bring our brand to life in your app. Let’s get started!

Using the Ghost Logo & Snapchat App Icon

The Ghost logo is the true spirit of the brand and represents so much about Snapchat: spontaneity, simplicity, and a blank canvas for creativity! The Ghost logo was around before Snapchat was even called Snapchat. Some could argue it’s more recognizable than our name, so it’s really important to get it right.

The Ghost represents Snapchat — and Snapchat only! The Ghost logo does not represent Spectacles or Snap Inc.

Use the Ghost logo when representing Snapchat as a brand.


Snapchat App Icon

Only use the Snapchat app icon when showing the app on a mobile phone or in the context of other mobile apps. Otherwise, always use the Ghost logo to represent Snapchat!


Minimum Logo Sizes

Print: Minimum Size: 0.25 inches Digital: Minimum Size: 18 px

Logo Construction & Clear Space

Our logo needs a certain amount of room to breathe! This buffer around the logo is called “clear space.” Make sure you always make room for it when using our logo, and that the clear space is free of any text or busy graphics.

Clear Space

Calculating how much clear space you need is easy! No matter how big or small the logo, the required horizontal clear space is always half the width of the logo, while the required vertical clear space is always half its height.


Our Logo on Different Backgrounds

Generally, you’ll almost always use the standard Ghost logo. It looks great on white and colored backgrounds!


Only use the ‘white stroke’ Snapchat logo on black or extremely dark backgrounds.


Don’t Bust the Ghost

Always use the standardized Snapchat logo provided — and don’t stylize, recolor, reinterpret, or animate the logo without contacting us first. After all, the Ghost’s charm is in its simplicity!


Other Tips

Don’t forget!

On black backgrounds, always use the ‘white stroke’ Snapchat logo. Otherwise, the Ghost’s arms will look too scrawny!


Typography & Hierarchy

Avenir Next Pro


Our Primary Color

When Snapchat was founded, yellow felt like the right fit for us — it has a vibrancy, energy, and undeniable playfulness that you just can’t quite find anywhere else in the rainbow. It also stood out amongst everything else in the App Store at the time!

Snapchat Yellow

Make sure to check with your designer and printer about reproducing our exact shade of yellow just right. It might sound like a small detail, but it makes a world of difference when representing the Snapchat brand!


The Rest of Our Rainbow

Our secondary colors complement and support our iconic yellow. These colors are used throughout the Snapchat app, so you might recognize them! These are used as accent colors or when discussing a specific product. When talking about Memories, Chat, or Stories, be sure to use the corresponding color below. Otherwise, use yellow when discussing Geofilters or Lenses.





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